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Track: Ryan Tedder on Songwriting with Harry Styles
Artist: Scott Mills, 7.18.14


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Great, very funny. He’s very silly and very sweet. Very professional, and never too serious. Like I would be singing in the booth and I would cut a vocal and he’d be like ‘Oh, that was terrible, you should try it again,’ like joking. He was very nice, very very sweet guy.

Ariana Grande on the question; What was he [Harry Styles] like to work with? x (via ohstylesno)

Harry Styles is the coolest guy on this planet. A thousand precent. He’s just, you know when someone walks into a room you just go ‘that kid’s got it’. He literally does walk into a room and everyone just stops. And it’s not just ‘cause he’s famous, he just has an aura about him… It’s an aura. It’s a thing… He’s got a really cool name as well; Harry Styles. It’s almost like he was born to be a pop star. He’s just perfect isn’t he? Lewis just realised on national Radio 1 that Harry Styles is actually perfect.

Scott Mills and Rixton talking about Harry (17.10.2014, BBC Radio 1) x



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